Frequently Asked Questions

What range of sizes does Diva Lingerie carry?

Here at Diva, we carry a variety of sizes, styles, brands and colors. We carry sizes 32A to 46I, 40L and 44J. We carry a wide variety of European lines that provide high quality construction, superior materials and beautiful design. We ensure we will find something that works for you!

How do I know if my bra is the perfect fit and style for my body?

When asking the experienced staff at Diva Lingerie their opinion on the perfect fit, their answers say it all!

“The perfect fit is the balance between the perfect band size and perfect cup size, to create the perfect shape.” -Judy Poirier

“The perfect fit is having beautiful lift and contouring to look longer and leaner for a positive image. It’s also about getting the best fit and look for your body type.” -Eva Rondeau

“It is about selecting a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.” -Devica Bhairo

Our professional fitters know they have accomplished the perfect fit when women ask to wear their new bra out of the store, feeling confident and most importantly comfortable! We stand by our motto, “When it fits, it shows”

How often should I be fitted for a bra?

We recommend that women come in at least once a year to ensure your bra is still considered that perfect fit. There are many factors that may affect a woman’s bra to fit and feel differently than it once did. A woman’s body and size are continually changing due to puberty, pregnancy, weight loss/gain, aging, medication and surgery (augmentation or reduction).

What is the proper care of my bra?

The care of your bra is a very important role in keeping the shape, quality and purpose of your undergarment. Many of our bras are produced with speciality laces, fine embroidery and luxury fabrics which provide lift, shape and support.

It is important to use the following instructions to prevent the loss of the quality of fabric, support of the wire and stretch of the band and straps.

  1. Hand wash in lukewarm soapy water. We recommend gentle wash soap such as Euculan or Forever New, which is a lycra friendly detergent, which helps with residue buildup and deterioration.
  2. Rinse without twisting or ringing out the cup. If it is a molded cup, this will prevent from fabric wrinkles, creases and shape loss. To remove excess water, pat dry with a towel.
  3. To dry, lay flat or hang.

Why should women have more than one bra in their wardrobe?

The importance of having multiple bras in a wardrobe is to be able to balance and rotate between bras. Each bra is meant for a different function. Alternating between bras will help with the wear and will extend the longevity in the bra life. The more you wear the bra, the more wear and tear will show. Alternating between bras will help to maintain the product life and keeping the proper fit for you.

We at Diva believe there are five styles to a woman’s lingerie wardrobe:

  1. Smooth
  2. Seamless
  3. Strapless
  4. Sexy
  5. Sporty

Do I need to make an appointment for a bra fitting?

We do not require any appointments. Any one of our staff members have had extensive and comprehensive training and are excited and ready to find that “Perfect Fit”!